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Dog Pack Nation?


It's easy to disconnect from mother nature in this tech-filled society of ours. Despite our best efforts to treat our K-9 companions as humans, the truth is, they're still wild at heart.  When our furry friends begin to act up, it's usually due them being misunderstood by us. At Dog Pack Nation we help to improve the behavior of your dog by educating owners on how to build a healthy relationship with their best friend. ​

About Us


Pack Walk

Socialize your dog while correcting unwanted behavior in a balanced pack environment so that your dog can get the most out of their walking experience.

Fundamental Training

Teach your dog basic obedience (sit, come, stay, heel and leave it). The trainer will be able to answer any questions you may have during the training session so that you have the information and tools to practice with your dog. 

Behavior Modification

This training course is designed for dogs that have behavior issues. The objective is to teach the owner what trigger points to be aware of and how to modify them. We will be working one on one with you and your dog in different scenarios and situations. This will help ensure you have the knowledge and confidence to control the situation. 

Off Leash Experience

This course is only for dogs and owners that have been through our fundamental and behavior modification programs. State of the line e-collar will be provided and is for you to keep.

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Michael & Sydney

Thank you again for everything you do for Rudy and walking him each week. Overall experience is 5 out of 5 stars.


Very Consistent at responding and flexible with days to come by each week as they vary for us depending on our work schedule.

We love the pictures and videos you send daily on how his walk is going with the group of dogs as he always looks happy.

We appreciate you always filling up his water bowl to make sure he stays hydrated all day.

Payment is very easy as you are also flexible on different payment methods and options.

Overall fantastic experience and trust we have for you, I would highly recommend and have recommended you to others looking for a dog walker.






Daniel has been walking my two dogs, Buddy and Ellie, on a weekly basis for almost a year now.  Recently, Daniel has been training Ellie on some of her anxious behavioral issues.  He has also trained Ellie to walk off-leash!  His understanding of dog behavior, with his calm leadership skills, has really helped Ellie be a more confident dog.  Daniel has helped me understand what I need to do to help Ellie as well.  I highly recommend Daniel's training methodology, his professional and practiced approach and his patience and love of dogs.    


Buddy - 16 year old Dalmatian mix

Ellie - 9 year old border collie mix


Thank you!




My name is Vanessa Andrade. My dog, Rocco, has been training with Danny since he started the business. Danny also stays at my place with Rocco every time I travel. I cannot express how lucky I feel to have Danny in our lives. He takes Rocco with his pack of dogs, which Rocco loves the most! And after training sessions, Rocco has learned to be social, well behaved and properly walk on the leash. And that is very important especially when your dog is a breed that is considered dangerous. 

I personally also love Danny because when I travel, and he stays at my house, I receive pictures and videos of Rocco and I can tell he is relaxed and happy. Also, when I get back, my house looks exactly the way it was, and everything is so clean. That really matters. I have been thru bad experiences when it comes to dog care, and I can honestly say I will never let Danny go! He is truly the best!! 


Vanessa Andrade 


Daniel is our stellar dog walker. He has been taken good care of Ruby, a rescue dog that we adopted for a year. 


Daniel is professional and knows well about dogs. He can quickly form a strong bond with Ruby and she responds to him very well. He not only walks her but also teaches her leash manner and some basic commands. Ruby is always happy to walk with Daniel and to hang out with her other doggie friends that Daniel walks together. 


Daniel is also reliable and flexible. I remember that a few times that I texted him short notice of working from home or out of town and he was able to quickly adjusted his schedule and helped us out. 


I highly recommend Daniel to anyone!​



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